Counseling & Support Groups

Gambling Counseling
Contact the Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism at 203- 733-4524. To speak to the Program Coordinator

Community Addiction and Recovery Education and Support (C.A.R.E.S.)- A support group for people who have a loved one struggling with substance abuse or addiction. Call 855-406-0246 or visit,

Family and Children’s Aid of Danbury- “A Better Choice”, Adolescent Out-Patient Substance Abuse Program. 80-87 West St Danbury, CT. Call 203-748-5689 for an intake assessment.

Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism – 

It offers individual, group, and intensive out-patient counseling. Call 203-792-4514 to speak to the main receptionist for the nearest location.

Alcohol Anonymous Groups- Groups meet regularly to support those in recovery from alcohol or seeking recovery.

Al-anon Groups- a support group for family members dealing with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. Call 1-888-425-2666 or visit, or to find a meeting near you.

Narcotics Anonymous Groups- a support group for those in recovery or struggling with drug addiction. To find a meeting, go to:

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